TOFARM Film Festival is the brainchild of Dr. Milagros O. How, Executive Vice President of Universal Harvester, Inc. This festival aims to uplift the farmers as well as his professional development. It is most worthy and significant since this is the only film festival that showcases the lives, journeys, aspirations, trials and tribulations – failures and successes of the farmers and other stewards of agriculture.
The festival will give them the acknowledgement, honor and the respect due them as caretakers of our resources from the Great Creator.


The theme for the 2nd TOFARM Film Festival 2017 is“Planting the seeds of change.” Because of the advent of change and the fast development of modern technology as well as the changes in attitudes, cultures, mores and lifestyles, the farmer needs to open himself up to new visions and perspectives. He is encouraged to look for innovative approaches to farming and agriculture, fishing and animal husbandry. These objectives should be incorporated in the film entries. A total of six (6) film scripts will be selected by the TOFARM Film Festival Screening Committee and will each be given grants for production.